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Month: April 2018

Evolutionary Pac-Man

Week 8 assignment based on Steering Behavior example. Typeface: Alpha Headline

Full Screen, Code

Some additional updates are expected:

  • assigning separate class for ghost/poison vector
  • continuously generating new food


En & Kor

Continued from the last exercise: detecting those titles with Korean letters was easy but excluding them wasn’t. I asked help from Allison to figure out how to filter out the ones with Korean, which is a method that ideally only collects English titles.

The problem was, sometimes I visited contents that belong to neither Korean nor English. After the review, I found out mostly they are Japanese, and excluded them as well – despite of their small number.

Next step was going into more details. One of the things I tried was checking the usage difference of same service in two languages. It will be more useful if I can collect interesting keywords, and filter out results based on them.

Project by Google Fonts – saving in this post as a reference. Not sure how relevant it will be, but it was interesting to see the same content in different composition.


Letter from the Trial

A rewriting generator of the letter from Alice in Wonderland, Chapter 12. The original letter itself is a poem full of pronouns, plays again with the ambiguity of pronouns. In the story, it was used as an item that proves the king’s unjust and poor reasoning. Using that ambiguity, the generator will realign the original poem with shmarkov and create new ones.

To make them in similar structure, I put indent in every line with even order.

… and put empty line between every stanza.

During the modification, I tried to figure out a natural way to adjust special characters, but ended up being not so successful. Furthermore, I came to a conclusion that only controlling special characters won’t make the poem more natural. Probably just removing them all might be a better idea?