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Category: Reading and Writing Electronic Text

And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief As Photos

An acrostic poem generator using some existing peoms from And our faces, my heart, brief as photos by John Berger.

Inporting 4 different poems: Leaving, Waterfront, A Forest I Knew, and Factory by John Berger; then combine them as one list. Initially I started with only a single poem, but soon I realized that an acrostic generator requires an adequate amount of source text, especially because I’m collecting lines, not words.

Now the list contains all lines from four different poems. The following code checks the first letter [0] in each line, and creates a dictionary of lines in alphabetical order.

The dictionary is completed, although it’s still missing some letters (those ones won’t be available to form the poem). Then, set up a word that will be the seed: first letters of each line. Once the seed word is decided, the next step is going through initials{} dictionary and check if it contains any sentence starting with the same letter. Then, it will choose randomly among the list of sentences, if there are more than one.




Artwork Label Generator

This generator creates fake titles and descriptions for non-existing work of art. Its built based on Love Letter Generator in the Implementations of early and well-known poetry generators by Allison Parrish.


  • The vocabulary list is based on words that I frequently found in general artwork titles and descriptions.
  • It will be even more interesting if I build the vocabulary list based on actually calculated frequency of using certain words.
  • My least favorite part was repeating words in different sentences despite of its randomness.
  • Its code is not very different from the original Love Letter Generator code I based on, and I think that’s what makes it problematic because the repetition of words are rather natural in form of letter, while it’s not in formal description.




The Soundcloud Podcast by Sam Harris into txt file. Some parts are missing due to my lack of English hearing skills or just general hearing skills. It made me realize why it’s hard to achieve good speech detection technology.