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Quant Self Service

Assignment 04: Quant Self Service

Develop a mini service concept around your own personal data.

  • Go through the process of and document creating persona, creating an empathy map, mapping your user journey (experience), sketching your service blueprint, and creating evidence of some of your service touchpoints.
  • State clearly (if possible) the opportunities you’ve identified based on your research and exercises and follow them through to make a convincing and thoughtful collection of experiences in your service.
  • make tangible some of your service touchpoints (for example paper prototypes, simple sketches, photographs/video). It is encouraged to prototype an aspect of your service or a video showcasing a scenario in which your service might operate to help make your idea more tangible.

Mental Model

  • Motives: Can the usage of certain language itself influence one’s mind or ways of thinking?
  • Expectation: Those who use more than one language have different occasions and tasks for each language.
  • Challenge: Hard to manually document every moment I change my language usage.
  • Currently using:
    • IP Tracking Extension (considering to stop it due to having less connection with language usage)
    • Reporter Application
  • Experience: The two tools are not working very harmoniously, and has low accuracy


  • The persona figure is solely based on myself.
    • Bilingual in Korean and English
    • Daily uses both languages
    • English for work, class, research and projects
    • Otherwise, mostly uses Korean but English rate is increasing
    • Has hard time tracking things daily
    • “Too tired. Don’t want to use the Reporter App”
    • “I forgot to put my Reporter App to Asleep mode!”
    • “Wait, this is Korean site but has Japanese IP address”
    • Uncomfortable how simple process became complicated
    • Fun to see unexpected aspects about my language usage
    • Curious about some IP address locations
  • DOES
    • Casually checks website’s IP location
    • Ignore report notification because it’s class time
    • Input my reports carelessly


One Comment

  1. Joey Joey March 4, 2018

    Excellent insight into the lives of a bilingual/multi-lingual people and the personality/identity switching that occurs between languages. There’s a lot that can be explored in this space and I wonder how you might push this concept further to discover what it means to identify what it means to quantify “yourself” when “yourself” has several parallel personalities running in tandem.

    Here you really focused on developing the application that would be used as part of your service, but the app might just be 1 part of your service. As a crucial part of your service proposal it is important to see who are the stakeholders involved, what a typical user journey might look like with and without your service, and how your user might grow and develop over the course of using your service proposal.

    In any case, you have pinpointed a really intriguing insight that could lead to some interesting results. I would encourage you to do more research in this direction. The book/concept of Third Culture Kids ( might be a place to start.

    Note: In typical service proposals you might consider when appropriate to develop a name for your service and pitch it by identifying the core problem statement ⇒ presenting background research on the existing apps/services or lackthereof ⇒ honing in on a persona and then moving into your service proposal ⇒ followed by the details which include your stakeholder map, user journey while using your service, etc.

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